Foundations of Chin Na

Learn fundamental joint locking techniques and principles

Chin Na literally means to seize and control. In this course, you’ll be introduced to several specific joint locking techniques, but more importantly also the principles that guide the application of those techniques.

Joint locks require leverage be applied at a precise angle and direction. The subtleties of several common techniques will be explored and various advanced methods such as spiraling and vibrating will be taught in order to improve the effectiveness of these techniques.

In order to master the art of chin na, it’s important to recognize the methods you’re learning don’t just function independently of each other. In fact, any given technique is part of a larger continuum of movement. For this reason, to help you understand how the various techniques fit and flow together, you’ll be introduced to the concept of a flow drill. Within this course, you’ll have access to a 53 min class teaching:

With close to an hour of instruction, you can expect to learn:

  • several basic joint locking techniques
  • basic methods that will make your locks more powerful
  • principles that will help you better understand and appreciate the art of chin na
  • the concept of a flow drill and how it can improve your locking effectiveness

In addition to all that, as a bonus, you’ll also receive access to a basic joint locks class taught in 2014. This class will help reinforce and in some ways expand upon much of the material taught in this course. Several new techniques as well as an additional flow drill will be introduced. When combined, that’s close to an hour and a half of instruction.

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