Shaolin White Crane: Intermediate and Advanced Power Methods

Learn unique power methods taught in White Crane that can easily be applied to most any martial art.

Regardless of the martial art, the chest and waist play an integral role in generating power. However, White Crane has some unique ways of doing so. It is a system that specializes in short range explosive power, and in this new edition to our White Crane series, we continue to explore these various power methods in greater detail. With close to an hour and a half of instruction, you’ll learn various intermediate and advanced power methods that expand upon the bowing and shaking principles that were introduced in the first part of this series. Several new patterns and training methods will be taught along with applications.

With enrollment in this course, you can expect to learn:

  • how to use the waist to maximize power through the use of shaking
  • how the chest and shoulders may be integrated to enhance power
  • the connections between various patterns and their applications
  • and maybe a surprise or two

Also, per request, with this course we’ve included a basic White Crane form. Find out which, when you enroll.

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