Start Developing Your Core in Under 5 Minutes!!!

In our first video of 2014, my leadership team and I take you through a very quick yet very effective core workout. This is one of the many workouts we do in our classes on a regular basis, and it’s one that can easily be done at home!

We encourage you to follow along as we go through the workout. It will only take 4.5 minutes of your time, and it is certain to aid in developing and toning your core! These 4.5 minutes could be the first to better fitness and health in 2014!

Can My Child Benefit From The Martial Arts

Martial arts can provide several benefits for children. Improved grades, increased self-confidence and self-esteem, discipline, self-control, and respect for oneself and others are among some of the benefits children can gain by participating in a martial arts program. The list can go on and on, but it is important to understand that most children will not gain much from a martial arts class if they do not want to be there. The kids that I have seen benefit the most from the martial arts were always the ones that wanted to be there. With this in mind, let’s try to find out if your child can benefit from the martial arts.Read More

Get Fit With Adult Martial Arts Classes

It’s the New Year and everyone’s hitting the gym trying to get in shape. Sadly 15-20% of the people who have made it their new year’s resolution to get in shape will stick to their goal. That means 80-85% of people will quit. So why is this statistic so high? Boredom, not enough time or motivation, and frustration are some of the most common reasons people don’t stick with their exercise programs. For those 80-85% of people, finding a good martial arts school in their area might just be the solution to their fitness problem.   Read More