Let us Help your Child Gain
Confidence through Personal Achievement.

The benefits a child can gain from the martial arts can last a lifetime. Respect for oneself and others, greater focus and self-control, practical self-defense skills and of course greater confidence are some of those benefits. While all of that is certainly great, what really makes the martial arts special is how students go about acquiring those benefits.

The martial arts isn’t like most other activities that children participate in. Now-a-days more kids than ever before are participating in more and more competitive sports. While there are certainly plenty of benefits to be gained from these activities, in martial arts, kids are able to progress at their own pace. Students are taught to focus more on competing with themselves than their fellow classmates.  Their classmates are there to provide support, but each student makes progress by working on their individual strengths and weakness. It’s through this process of personal achievement that students develop greater confidence in themselves.

Each class is 60 minutes in length. Class structure can vary from day to day depending on what our current focus is. In general most classes are broken into segments and often include:

  • Warm ups (push-ups, squats, obstacle courses, etc)
  • Basics (strikes, kicks, blocks, footwork)
  • Techniques (combinations containing the various basics)
  • Drills

Not sure if class is right for your kid? Check out what some of our students have to say:

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