Understanding Power Dynamics

Discover the Fundamental Principles of Power

Power is a critical component of effective martial arts techniques and something students of all martial arts systems need to understand. One of the struggles many face in the martial arts is that they learn what to do but never fully understanding why they’re doing it. To be able to maximize power, you need to understand not just how to move, but the different ways in which you can move in order to generate power and then when and how to use them effectively.

Bruce Lee once said, “Power training and the use of force are easy, but total comprehension of all the skills of the martial arts is very difficult to achieve.”  For this reason in this course, you’ll not only learn the fundamental power generation methods, but more importantly you’ll learn the principles behind them so that you can better understand how they fit in with your system.

In this hour long multi-part course, you’ll receive access to several downloadable videos which will cover:

  • a brief overview of the basic science involved in power generation
  • the 5 fundamental body momentum methods of manifesting power
  • the 3 fundamental energy methods of manifesting power
  • body momentum applications within self defense drills
  • basic body momentum drills
  • and more…
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