Black Belt Club

This elite program is designed for students who are not only excelling in martial arts classes but also in school. We accept only our top students into this program. It is specifically for those students who have shown a high level of dedication to their martial arts training. Students enrolled in this program attend a special once a week class, the focus of which is on special techniques and kata not covered in our standard black belt curriculum. Black Belt Club Members also receive a FREE Black Belt Club patch and have the option of purchasing a special Black Belt Club uniform.


Membership to our leadership program is highly selective. This most exclusive program was designed to help build future leaders. Students enrolled in this program must have at least 2 years of martial arts training and obtained the rank of green belt at Tigon Martial Arts.

Leadership and instructor training consists of 2 general phases:

  1. Assistant Instructor Certification
  2. Instructor Certification

Those invited into the program attend a members only class each week. In these classes, students develop a deeper  understanding and appreciation of the system, as well as the proper methods involved in effectively teaching it. Members of of our Leadership program go through the most extensive training, which entails both rigorous physical and mental conditioning.