The Most Effective Martial Art: Is There One?

What is the most effective martial art? This particular question has created a great deal of controversy within the martial arts community, and is such a common topic for debate because there are so many different martial arts systems which exist today. With such a vast number of martial arts systems being practiced, many students want to feel as though their system is the most effective martial art of all. Now, certainly not every system is created equal. Some just aren’t as well thought out or designed as others, but is there such a thing as the most effective martial art?

This is the topic of discussion in our latest video, and as we explore the validity of the question being asked, we’ll begin to better understand the mindset a student of the martial arts must have regarding their training as well as their system.

So is there a system that can be regarded as the most effective martial art? Check out the video below to find out the answer…