Shaolin White Crane: Fundamental Blocking and Power Training

Learn Fundamental White Crane Blocking and Power Methods

Southern Shaolin White Crane Kung-Fu is an ancient system that originates in Southern China. It is considered a soft-hard system, and while the crane doesn’t possess superior strength, it is incredibly powerful. By studying the movements taught in White Crane Kung-Fu, students of all systems can benefit from learning both its unique strategies as well as the subtle methods of manifesting power which it employs. 

In this, introductory, hour and a half course you’ll be briefly introduced to the 4 major branches of Southern Shaolin White Crane Kung-Fu, after which you can expect to learn:

  • All major blocks taught in the Sleeping Crane System
  • Basic Bridge Hands Drills that will help with Developing Blocking Sensitivity
  • Fundamental Power Methods and Power Patterns
  • Basic Blocking and Power Applications within Kempo

This course is ideal for anyone who would like to learn about Southern Shaolin White Crane, particularly martial artists from other systems looking to expand their understanding of strategy and power. Great emphasis will be placed on understanding the principles behind the movements being taught, and applications in Kempo will be shown to help students better understand how these principles may be integrated within their own system.

With this course you’ll receive access to several Downloadable Training Videos. These videos may be both downloaded and viewed directly on our site. As you go through the material presented in each video, if anything isn’t clear or you have any questions at all you can contact us at and we’ll promptly answer any questions you may have. We may even answer your questions on video to help benefit others who may have similar questions.

The introductory material covered in this course is tantamount to what would be covered in several months of White Crane training and would cost hundreds of dollars to learn.


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