Our Online Dojo is Live!!!

I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of our new “Online Dojo”! This is a project that has taken a tremendous amount of effort, cooperation as well as time. To all who were involved with its development, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude! I’m certain it was well worth the effort, as this additional educational tool will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable asset in aiding students as they progress through their journey in the martial arts.

The members’ area is currently available to students of our dojo who are enrolled in unlimited classes. If you currently qualify, or would like to upgrade your membership so that you may qualify, simply create a user name, see me in class and we will add you to the system.  Once inside the “online dojo” you’ll find hours of review videos covering all the techniques taught up through black belt in our system. New content will be continually added throughout the year. Production is currently in process on a 3-part video series covering the major theories behind training self-defense techniques!

For a preview of what you’ll find within the members’ area, check out the video below!

Roundhouse Kick Defense

Students at Tigon Martial Arts learn how to handle a variety of attacks. We teach defenses against punches and grabs as well as defenses against a variety of weapons such as clubs, knives, and guns. This particular video demonstrates one of the many kick defenses taught at our school.

Congratulations to our New Black Belts!

On Sunday, January 18th, after a 5-hour long test, 4 of our students were promoted to the rank of black belt. It is worth noting that this is only the second black belt test administered at our school, since Tigon Martial Arts opened in Belchertown in 2006.

Black Belt is a rank coveted by many, yet worn by few. The journey to black belt is a long and difficult one that is filled with many setbacks along the way. Although many begin martial arts with the desire to someday wear a black belt, it is those who have a true love for the journey, who are the ones that do. These 4 ladies have been my students for many years, and one thing I can say without a doubt, is that they all share a genuine passion for the martial arts. One of these ladies broke her hip playing soccer just months before the test, but despite a broken hip she was still at the dojo each week watching class until her injury healed. Each has faced their own challenges, and it was their love for the martial arts, not a belt, that kept them moving forward with their journey even in the face of adversity.

Black belt is much more than a piece of cloth that you wear around your waist, it’s something that you become. Congratulations ladies, through years of dedication and hard work you have proven that you are black belts!



Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!
I hope everyone is as excited as I am about the new year; it’s a time of great opportunity! With enthusiasm high so many peoplnew yeare are making resolutions and setting goals to accomplish throughout this year. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to do the same. Then I also encourage you to take immediate action towards reaching those goals. Have you ever wondered why so often each year so many people set such great and attainable goals yet fail to follow through with them. The answer boils down to one simple thing…Read More

Can My Child Benefit From The Martial Arts

Martial arts can provide several benefits for children. Improved grades, increased self-confidence and self-esteem, discipline, self-control, and respect for oneself and others are among some of the benefits children can gain by participating in a martial arts program. The list can go on and on, but it is important to understand that most children will not gain much from a martial arts class if they do not want to be there. The kids that I have seen benefit the most from the martial arts were always the ones that wanted to be there. With this in mind, let’s try to find out if your child can benefit from the martial arts.Read More

Get Fit With Adult Martial Arts Classes

It’s the New Year and everyone’s hitting the gym trying to get in shape. Sadly 15-20% of the people who have made it their new year’s resolution to get in shape will stick to their goal. That means 80-85% of people will quit. So why is this statistic so high? Boredom, not enough time or motivation, and frustration are some of the most common reasons people don’t stick with their exercise programs. For those 80-85% of people, finding a good martial arts school in their area might just be the solution to their fitness problem.   Read More