Foundations of Chin Na

Learn fundamental joint locking techniques and principles

Chin Na literally means to seize and control. In this course, you’ll be introduced to several specific joint locking techniques, but more importantly also the principles that guide the application of those techniques.

Joint locks require leverage be applied at a precise angle and direction. The subtleties of several common techniques will be explored and various advanced methods such as spiraling and vibrating will be taught in order to improve the effectiveness of these techniques. Read More

Shaolin White Crane: Intermediate and Advanced Power Methods

Learn unique power methods taught in White Crane that can easily be applied to most any martial art.

Regardless of the martial art, the chest and waist play an integral role in generating power. However, White Crane has some unique ways of doing so. It is a system that specializes in short range explosive power, and in this new edition to our White Crane series, we continue to explore these various power methods in greater detail. With close to an hour and a half of instruction, you’ll learn various intermediate and advanced power methods that expand upon the bowing and shaking principles that were introduced in the first part of this series. Several new patterns and training methods will be taught along with applications.

Read More

Understanding Power Dynamics

Discover the Fundamental Principles of Power

Power is a critical component of effective martial arts techniques and something students of all martial arts systems need to understand. One of the struggles many face in the martial arts is that they learn what to do but never fully understanding why they’re doing it. To be able to maximize power, you need to understand not just how to move, but the different ways in which you can move in order to generate power and then when and how to use them effectively.Read More

A Reality all Martial Artists Have to Come to Terms With

At some point, all of us in the martial arts have to come to terms with the fact that there will always be more to learn. Unfortunately, too many are unable to accept that neither they nor their system will ever have all the answers. Their insecurities won’t allow them to admit such a thing, and as such they fail to recognize one of the most important lessons of all, that education is an ongoing process. It isn’t a destination that one can arrive at. It is, instead, a never ending journey. Read More

Shaolin White Crane: Fundamental Blocking and Power Training

Learn Fundamental White Crane Blocking and Power Methods

Southern Shaolin White Crane Kung-Fu is an ancient system that originates in Southern China. It is considered a soft-hard system, and while the crane doesn’t possess superior strength, it is incredibly powerful. By studying the movements taught in White Crane Kung-Fu, students of all systems can benefit from learning both its unique strategies as well as the subtle methods of manifesting power which it employs. Read More

Through the Mind we can Strengthen the Body

For many, martial arts is all about physical conditioning and learning how to become a good fighter. It’s important to remember, however, that the martial arts is both internal as well as external. Although many want to focus on the physical, the mind plays a crucial role in the process of strengthening the body. In fact, very often it’s the mind that gives up before the body. This is why it’s essential that we don’t neglect our mental conditioning. The mind and body work together which means, through the mind we can strengthen the body and through the body the mind.


Be a Student of the Principles

Within the martial arts it can be quite common to get so caught up in learning the system and focusing on what to do that we fail to understand why we’re even doing it. This is why it’s so important that we strive to always remain a student of the principles. It is, after all, the principles which all martial arts systems are built from, and it is only through a thorough understanding of the principles that we will be able to truly bring the art to life. Read More